Why Photos #2

The best Rock Ever.

Photos. They take you to another place, a place you’ve been a hundred times, but a place that you love no matter how many times you go.

One of those places for me is Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Not only does it have one of the Top 10 beaches in the US (okay, so I searched  and searched for some research to back me up on that finding, and couldn’t quite find any– but just trust me– I saw a magazine article on it once!), but it also has the fabulous Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center, Bruce’s Candy Kitchen, as well as THE BEST pizza place! (Honestly I’m salivating at the thought of that massive slice, dripping with goodness.)

Amazingness. My friend Lindy- gazing down in awe. It's just that good.

But what I really remember about this place are the weeks every summer that my family spent here. I actually did work there for a summer… but I started coming to Cannon Beach, and the conference center when I was SIX WEEKS old! Talk about starting young! 😉

I remember peanut butter sandwiches on Haystack bread. I remember “panning” for treasure and filling my soft velvet bag full of “gold rush stones.” I remember EVERY year, being so nervous when my parents would make me go to the Children’s Program… even though I loved it every year.  I remember the sandcastle contests, where my dad and friend Andrea and I would build random things like a very large Bible or a massive stadium.

I remember feeling so cool when my sister was program staff. I remember in high school, all the Youth went to Tillamook and the boys mooned the factory workers! (They were banned from ever bringing kids back!)

I also remember that same year- truly beginning to understand the pain that Jesus went through for me. I mean, catching a glimpse of what it must have been like for him to die on the cross for my sins.

I remember the bunk beds that we siblings used to share, and then getting to bring a friend (Andrea) when it was just me. I remember the hundreds of times I’ve walked down the beach to the rock… okay maybe I don’t remember ALL those times, but the scenery doesn’t change much! I remember the breakfasts where I got to eat FRUIT LOOPS, the most amazing cereal ever, that I NEVER got at home!

I remember the first time Erika, my sister-in-law, was apart of the tradition, and I remember a really awesome summer spent with my cousin- teaching wee-ones (1-3rd) about Jesus– my name that summer was “Scout” and our room was “Camp Alleluia,” (Yep- it was awesome! :))

So that was a total trip down memory lane, thanks for skipping along. Seriously, every time I see a picture of Cannon Beach,  first of all Happy, and then I get all of these memories flooding in. Does that happen to you? And honestly I have a TON more pictures from Cannon Beach, but for some reason, my computer or internet does NOT like to share! (If anyone has any tips, feel free to share!)

If you all are not familiar with Cannon Beach Conference Center– since that’s pretty much what this post is about- you should check it out! I’ve heard it compared to the Family Camp in Dirty Dancing… except most everyone’s a Christian, and they talk about Jesus, it’s at the beach, and nobody’s putting Baby in a corner!


2 Responses

  1. I really love this photo idea you’ve got! It’s great skipping down memory lane with you.

  2. love love love it!!! i smiled thru the whole post!!! and am longing for the 40th anniversary reunion baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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